'Trinity' Stemless Wine Glasses

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Estimated shipping date is the 29 th of November . Made by hand in limited quantities, these particular 'Trinity' Stemless Wine Glasses are not always in stock due to high demand.

    • Celebrate Abundance With
      These Glorious Trinity
      Stemless Wine Glasses

      From the Sunlit Desk of Albert Grimaldo
      Barcelona, Catalonia

      Dear Friend of La Familia,

      Take a look at these glorious glasses:

      glassware or art

      What you’re seeing are real hand painted gold panels adorning a Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses.

      Aren’t they luxurious?

      The Trinity mosaic of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona inspired the captivating designs. And the golden swirls reflect Architect Antoni Gaudi's majestic vision of celestial divinity and the glowing perfection of creation.

      And let me tell you…

      When I first looked up and saw the golden light streaming through the Trinity mosaic...

      It filled me with a deep sense of majesty, divinity and glory.

      It’s a feeling I wanted everyone to have a chance to enjoy. Which is why our artists hand paint every Trinity Stemless Wine Glass with real gold.

      And when you sip your wine by moonlight, sunset or candlelight…

      The swirling gold patterns sparkle and shine.

      It’s an extraordinary effect.

      Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses Make a Truly Extraordinary Gift For the Person Who Has ‘Everything’

      glassware or art

      For weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, engagements, retirements, achievements…

      Or just a meaningful, heartfelt gift for someone you love:

      Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses make a lasting impression.

      Just imagine the look of surprise and joy when they see gleaming gold designs for the first time.

      It’s a moment you’ll both remember and cherish for a lifetime.

      And when they ask you about how the Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses were made, you can tell them...

      Master Glass Artists Handcraft and Hand Paint Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses One at a Time

      Our master glass blowers achieve the perfect shape using nearly secret techniques passed down from apprentice to master since the era of ancient Rome.

      And Instead of the usual stem, they flatten the bowl to create a “no-spill” base and elegant look.

      glassware or art

      After the glass cools, skilled artisans hand paint the lovely designs with special paint containing real gold.

      This deliberate, painstaking and highly technical process produces rare glass art masterpieces made to transform the look and feel of any setting, delight your senses, and deliver undeniable beauty to your home.

      But they’re not just beautiful art pieces, they’re also masterpieces of functional wine glass design.

      Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses Makes Red Wine Taste Even More Delicious

      glassware or art

      Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses are specially shaped to enhance the wine sipping experience.

      The generous bowl aerates your wine - bringing out the deepest flavors and aromas. And the narrowed opening delivers an intense bouquet on the nose.

      As a result, your wine tastes extraordinary.

      Your family and friends will enjoy every sip.

      And everyone will remember and talk about the experience for years to come.

      Reserve your Trinity Stemless Wine Glasses today, and we’ll cradle your order in a satin-lined gift box and ship it wherever you ask.

      And for total peace of mind, your purchase is protected by our exclusive...

      Double-Satisfaction 100% Money-Back Guarantee

      You must feel 100% overjoyed by your 'Trinity' Stemless WIne Glasses or we’ll promptly refund every penny of your investment.

      No questions.

      No hassles.

      If for any reason you are anything less than thrilled, you may return your item(s) within 90 days. We'll issue a refund or replacement – your choice – and we'll even cover the shipping.

      And for another nine months – one year total – you may return your glasses for any reason for a prompt, postage-paid replacement.

      Salud, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

      Founder, Cornet Barcelona

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    • How many ounces does the Trinity Stemless Wine Glass hold?

      Our Trinity Stemless Wine Glass can hold 21 ounces.

      How tall is this Trinity Stemless Wine Glass?

      The high is 5.5 inches.

      Does this glass come in a box ready for gift giving?

      Yes. Each stemless glass comes in a beautiful and elegant gift box designed to handle the precious cargo inside even when kicked or dropped (we spare no expenses to ensure a flawless delivery).

      Is this glass LEAD FREE?

      Yes, it is. All of the Cornet Barcelona glasses are Lead FREE.

      Where do you ship?

      We ship worldwide.

      What is your guarantee?

      We offer 90 days money back guarantee, and 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee (if something happen to your glasses we will replace them)

      How do I contact you?

      You can contact us anytime at Contact Us and we will offer you a luxury level of service.

      Are they dishwasher safe?

      No. Each glass is carefully hand painted. Hand washing is highly recommended for continuous high quality and longevity.

      Can I put a gift message on the package?

      Yes. You can put a personalized message on your package.

      Do you sell any other glassware?

      Yes. You can check our Wine Decanter, Whiskey Glasses, Champagne Flutes and our other unique wine glasses.