Our Story: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Artistic Beauty

Life is a gift.

And sharing the beauty of life with you through artistic expression is our passion.

We believe in the joy of precious moments and tiny miracles...

Warm sunshine on your shoulders. Laughing with friends. A loving embrace.

It’s all about savoring the moment. Making memories. And appreciating the time we’re blessed to spend together season to season.

That’s why we create our art.

Every heirloom-quality art piece is far more than a gorgeous glass, stunning pitcher or majestic decanter…

Each is a unique expression of meaningful connection. A conversation starter. A heartfelt gift.

And an unfolding story...

The story began in the mind of genius Antoni Gaudi and his love of nature’s forms.

It first took physical form through his architectural masterpiece: La Sagrada Familia Basilica here in Barcelona.

Then, the amber rays of the solstice streaming through the stained glass windows of the basilica became the muse for an old-world artist's hands.

Those skilled hands shaped molten glass into a magnificent masterwork of inspired art.

And the story continues in your hands… with every smile and kindness you share with friends, family and honored guests.

As you hold your Cornet Barcelona art piece up to the light, the hand painted designs sparkle and glow.

In that inspired gesture, the artistic genius of Gaudi… the skill of the artist… the feeling of peace and harmony… and the rays of sunset are crystalized into a warm memory.

It’s a breathtaking effect and a moment of joyful reflection we share with you in spirit.

From all of us here at Cornet Barcelona to you and your loved ones:

May your days be filled with love, light and laughter. And may all your celebrations be elegant affairs to remember.