Our Exclusive Workshops: Where Old-World Masters Handcraft Divinely Inspired Works of Heirloom-Quality Glass Art

It began with a feeling…

The moment you step into La Sagrada Familia Basilica here in Barcelona, and witness beams of light streaming through the breathtaking stained glass windows...

The kaleidoscope of colors dancing across the walls fills you with a deep sense of wonder, joy and peace.

It’s so beautiful, many visitors are moved to tears.

And we wanted to know:

“How can we share that feeling… that moment... with the world?”

So we watched the sunset glowing through the soaring stained glass panels...

And we realized a glassware collection designed around the windows was the perfect way to share the basilica’s beauty.

But it couldn’t be just any glassware collection…

To honor the artistic legacy of Antoni Gaudi and offer the highest quality possible… it would have to be handcrafted, special, unique and exciting!

So from the very beginning, we vowed to never mass-produce our pieces with machines in factories...

No matter how difficult or challenging the process.

Because we knew:

Our customers – the lovely people we would soon consider members of La Famila – would share our love of unique works of art and handcrafted artistry.

So we searched the globe to find more glass artists with the finely-tuned skills to meet our strict requirements.

And we soon discovered glassblowing is a vanishing art. And artisans with world-class skills are in short supply.

Fortunately, after many months of searching, we found the very best of the best artisans. And we selected two exclusive workshops – one in Asia and the other in Europe – with world-class masters who had the experience and ability to create masterpieces of glass art.

And the highly-technical, old-world handcrafting process they follow is fascinating to observe:

Every morning at dawn, the masters fire up their kilns to prepare for the day’s work.

When the kilns are ready, they heat single blobs of lead-free glass to 1,900°F.

Each blob is then mouth blown and hand shaped by our master glass artists, using nearly secret techniques from ancient Rome.

And after the pieces cool, skilled artisans hand paint the dazzling crimson, azure and gold swirls using special brushes.

This delicate and challenging process takes about three full days from start to finish. And every step requires world-class skills, a trained eye and profound patience.

But as you can see, the painstaking effort is so worth it:

When you hold a Cornet Barcelona art piece up to the light, it’s like holding a piece of the basilica’s glorious windows in your hand.

It’s truly mesmerizing.

Every handcrafted art piece they create captures the essence of the basilica’s divine windows and pays homage to the artistic genius of the basilica’s architect: Antoni Gaudi.

It’s the feeling we wanted to share with the world.

It’s the superior quality members of La Familia deserve…

And it’s the world-class value and beauty we’re so very honored to offer you.

May you enjoy your Cornet Barcelona art pieces for a lifetime!