We are thrilled to announce that after several months of intense effort…

We are finally realizing one of our dreams…

Open our very own restaurant in the vibrant city of Barcelona!

El Tribut!

El Tribut, or "The Tribute" in English - is the name we chose for the restaurant.


Because the restaurant will pay tribute to the remarkable life, art and passions of Antoni Gaudí, the visionary artist who forever transformed the city of Barcelona.

Scheduled to open its doors in the fall of 2024…

El Tribut will be a space where both local residents of Barcelona and citizens from around the world will be warmly welcomed and treated with genuine affection, mirroring the profoundly generous spirit of Antoni Gaudí himself.

And where better to situate a restaurant dedicated to an architect who infused his creations with iridescent colors and marine life than overlooking the shores of the sparkling Mediterranean?

Antoni Gaudí cherished the sea so deeply that he once proclaimed:

"The view of the sea is a necessity for me."

Growing up just a few meters away from Barcelona's waterfront…

Young Gaudí spent his leisure time wandering the port, marveling at the ships unloading their goods and exploring the medieval wall that graced this part of the city.

It was here, surrounded by families, couples in love, and curious visitors, that he found inspiration while absorbing the captivating sight of the Mediterranean and the reflection of the sun.

And now, in El Tribut, we aim to bring Gaudí's cherished connection to the Mediterranean to life, to enhance your unique dining experience.

Our aim is to offer a high-quality and diverse cuisine with a quintessentially Barcelona spirit.

This vision is shaped by three guiding principles that form the backbone of our entire project:

  • Nature - Emphasizing organic products, we'll create a rich gastronomy that showcases high-quality ingredients. 
  • The Mediterranean - With 360 miles of coastline, the Mediterranean sea will be our greatest inspiration.
  • Innovation -Just as Gaudí used innovative materials and techniques to achieve extraordinary results, we'll embrace innovation by using culinary techniques from around the world to create extraordinary dishes.

Thanks to these principles, the cuisine at El Tribut will be a fusion of healthy, sustainable, and innovative culinary experiences.

All in all, El Tribut stands as a loving, contemporary homage to Antoni Gaudí.

A tribute to his breathtaking originality and innovative capacity…

A tribute to his unique, personal and incomparable architecture…

And a tribute to his groundbreaking genius that has made him internationally recognized as one of the greatest architects who has ever lived.

We hope you’ll come and visit us at El Tribut one day, where you will experience the warmth of a Mediterranean welcome, and the finest flavors that Catalan cuisine has to offer.

We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time and feel like part of the Cornet Barcelona Family.

Salud, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!