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Botanic Symphony Collection

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  • Introducing the New Botanic Symphony Dinnerware Collection

    With the Botanic Symphony Dinnerware collection, you're not just setting the table…

    You’re setting the stage for special moments, for conversations that deepen bonds, and for memories that you’ll always cherish.

    From the Sunlit Desk of Albert Grimaldo
    Barcelona, Catalonia

    Dear Friend,

    What if your dinnerware could speak the language of nature?

    Envisioned with the insight of legendary artists who find meaning in every detail…

    I am thrilled to present the Botanic Symphony Dinnerware Collection…

    A series that transforms dining into an immersive botanical narrative.

    Each piece in this collection is a canvas showcasing vivid blossoms.

    The centerpiece, a majestic red flower, symbolizes passion and vitality, surrounded by smaller blooms and delicate butterflies, creating a tableau reminiscent of an enchanted garden.

    This isn't just dinnerware…

    It's a gateway to a garden in full bloom.

    As guests dine, they are not merely eating…

    They are taken on a journey through a meadow under twilight skies.

    This collection promises to transform your meals into banquets where beauty complements every bite.

    Upon choosing the Botanic Symphony Collection for your home, it arrives in bespoke packaging that reflects the elegance and allure of its contents.

    Each set is designed to turn ordinary meals into feasts of nature’s artistry.

    So, dear friend, let us dine to satisfy not just the body but the soul, surrounded by beauty and harmony.

    Welcome to a new era of dining, where every meal celebrates the Earth's wonderful nature

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