'Sagrada' Imperial Wine Decanter

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  • An Architectural Wonder Inspires the Modern Beauty of the Sagrada Imperial Wine Decanter

    Experience the one-of-a-kind beauty inspired by an architectural gem with our meticulously handcrafted Imperial wine decanter.

    Every artist has its muse, and for our dedicated artisans, it’s the remarkable Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona.

    Vibrant, rich hues dance in the sunlight as they stream through the Sagrada Familia Basilica’s stunning stained-glass windows.

    An evolving work in progress, the Basilica represents the intersection of divine inspiration and human endeavor.

    The heart of the Basilica is its Passion façade, dedicated to the suffering of Jesus during His Crucifixion, the ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of humankind.

    Basilica architect, Antoni Gaudi, hand-selected the colors of the façade’s iconic stained-glass windows to represent the Passion of the crucifixion.

    With daylight, the rich hues of crimson, gold and light blue shine, much like the triumph of good over evil, divine over despair, and human redemption over darkness.

    Inspired by the time-honored aesthetics of the past, our Sagrada decanter is crafted using the ancient, artisanal art of glassblowing by mouth.

    Meticulously Crafted Mouth-Blown Glass Makes the Imperial Wine Decanter a Work of Art

    Step back in time with the one-of-a-kind beauty of artisanal, mouth-blown glass.

    The ancient practice of mouth-blowing glass both inspires and creates our stunning imperial wine decanter.

    Handcrafting imbues unique characteristics in our wine glasses, making each one a work of art.

    Mouth-blown glass represents the magic connection between the artisan and the medium—in this case, molten glass.

    The artisan becomes alchemist, transforming raw materials into something useful, beautiful, and most importantly, unique.

    Handcrafting imbues unique characteristics in our wine glasses, making each one a work of art.

    We use these ancient techniques because unlike factory-made objects, our decanters showcase the beauty of the world around us and spring from the work of talented, experienced hands.

    Each piece, crafted to catch the light and enhanced by ribbons of color, culminates in a truly inspired work of art.

    Our skilled artisans use the time-honored tradition of mouth-blowing glass to create each individual piece.

    In addition to being mouth-blown, our wine glasses are also painstakingly hand-painted for a truly artisanal aesthetic.

    Hand-Painted Artisanal Details Make the Imperial Decanter a Unique Expression of Beauty

    Once the process of mouth-blowing is complete and the glass cools, artisanal hand-painted details are added.

    When embellishing each decanter, painters add artistic elements by hand, using tiny brushes to capture every dimension and detail.

    As each decanter is crafted, our skilled artisans painstakingly add the details that bring the piece to life.

    The vivid hues of the Sagrada Familia Basilica’s Passion Façade’s stained glass are then showcased: golds, crimsons and blues applied and layered in the time-tested tradition of painting by hand.

    Each decanter is painstakingly hand-painted, adding unique beauty and remarkable color to each piece.

    The contrasting dark lines encourage the colors to dance in the light, adding vivid, contrasting brilliance to each glass decanter.

    Because our glasses are individually crafted by skilled artisans, they’re available only in limited quantities.

    Handcrafted Imeperial Decanters Are Created in Small Quantities to Ensure the Highest Quality

    The painstaking, artisanal process of mouth-blowing and hand-painting each glass decanter translates to a very limited supply.

    Our commitment to time-honored, handcrafting techniques results in a strictly limited supply of our unique glass decanters.

    Unlike the dime-a-dozen pieces that roll off factory assembly lines daily, a handcrafted item is a treasure, a treat for the senses and a gift to be savored.

    You’ll immediately notice the handcrafted details of the Sagrada decanter: the deep, rich colors, the hand-painted lines, the meticulously mouth-blown glass.

    Sadly, this detailed work can’t be created in large quantities.

    Avoid disappointment and order your uniquely handcrafted decanter now.

    Our beautiful, one-of-a-kind decanters are more than just a pretty face... they’re made to last and be enjoyed for years to come.

    Enjoy Special-Occasion Beauty Any Day of the Week With the Imperial Decanter

    By using the highest-quality materials and proven, handcrafted techniques, the Sagrada decanter is more than just beautiful; it’s made to last.

    With the Sagrada wine decanter, beauty is within reach... each and every day!

    Strong and made to last, your decanter doesn’t need to be tucked away for a special occasion.

    No need to worry! While every Sagrada decanter is a unique piece of art, it’s also strong enough for everyday use.

    Instead, it can grace your table each and every day with a beauty that’s more than skin deep.

    We handcraft our decanters using only the finest materials and a deliberate, artisanal process.

    As durable as it is beautiful, every pour will provide incomparably luxurious pleasure for you and your guests for years to come.

    The result is a piece you can keep at the ready for any important gathering or special occasion.

    In fact, our decanters are equally at home at a milestone birthday celebration as they are for a weeknight dinner.

    The Sagrada decanter is also carefully handcrafted to make each pour smooth and sediment-free.

    Unique Sagrada Imperial Decanter Shape Filters Sediment for a Cleaner, Smoother Pour

    Say goodbye to gritty, unwelcome sediment in your glass with our specially-designed Sagrada decanter.

    We all know the feeling of savoring our favorite red only to encounter sediment in the last few sips.

    And while the sediment that often naturally occurs with older wines isn’t harmful, it can be an unpleasant distraction from sipping an otherwise enjoyable vintage.

    Make sediment a thing of the past with our masterfully designed Sagrada decanter.

    We created the Sagrada decanter to capture sediment, giving you a smooth, grit-free glass of wine every time.

    Sediment remains trapped at the bottom of the decanter, staying out of your wine glass. You’ll enjoy a smoother, clearer pour—free of grit and unwelcome flavors—every single time. Now, that’s worth toasting!

    The Sagrada decanter is also designed to properly aerate your wine for optimal flavor.

    The Imperial Decanter Expertly Aerates Your Wine, Enhancing Its Flavor

    Release the flavor of your favorite wine with the aerating properties of the Sagrada decanter.

    With proper aeration, oxygen is introduced to the wine in just the right proportion, softening its tannins and releasing its naturally-occurring gases.

    Only then can the wine’s full range of aromatics develop.

    This process results in the wine slowing unfurling its full flavor potential.

    The Sagrada decanter is designed to allow air and wine to meet in the optimal proportions for enhanced flavor.

    The Imperial wine decanter is meticulously designed to coax just the right amount of air in, allowing the wine to develop its fullest potential.

    All that’s left is for you to savor its complex, pleasing aromas and flavors.

    In addition to aerating your wine, the Imperial decanter also saves it from a broken cork.

    Avoid Broken, Crumbling Corks and Enjoy a Smoother Pour With the Imperial Decanter

    Crumbling cork debris doesn’t have to ruin your favorite glass of wine. Decant it instead!

    It happens. You’re opening a much-anticipated bottle of wine and the cork just refuses to cooperate.

    Enjoy a clear, clean, cork-free glass of wine every time with the Sagrada wine decanter.

    Sometimes, it’s a clean break. Sometimes, it’s a bit of crumbling with fine pieces left behind.

    Either way, it can interfere with the clear, smooth glass of wine you were anticipating.

    By decanting the wine into our stunning Sagrada decanter, most cork pieces will remain in the bottle, leaving you with nothing but a clear, crisp, fast-flowing pour.

    In the event the crumbling cork retains a stubborn presence, you can always strain the wine into the decanter, and gritty pieces will become a distant memory.

    The Sagrada decanter doesn’t just enhance the quality of your wine, it makes it look better, too!

    Dress Up Your Favorite Wines With the Stunning Imperial Decanter

    Boost the appeal of any vintage and every gathering with the handcrafted beauty our glass decanters.

    Looking for something to enhance your next gathering? Want to add a spark to the conversation and glow to the table?

    Our stunning decanter is a welcome addition to any gathering and can elevate even the most ordinary bottle of wine.

    Make the ordinary extraordinary with the artisanal beauty of the Sagrada decanter.

    With our stunning decanter, you can “dress up” even the most ordinary vintage—all while adding a touch of sophistication to your table.

    Your guests will love how they accent and elevate your décor, adding a unique and elegant touch to your gatherings.

    Your guests won’t stop talking about the unique beauty of your Sagrada decanter.

    Get the Conversation Started with the Stunning Imperial Decanter

    Both beautiful and functional, your Sagrada decanter will be the talk of your next gathering.

    You’ve done the work: selecting the menu, inviting the right mix of people, and making sure everything looks just right.

    But when it’s time for your gathering, will the conversation flow? Will your guests be engaged and happy?

    When your wine decanter is a uniquely exceptional, handcrafted work of art, you’ll always have something to talk about.

    Sagrada glassware brings its unique history to the table: the artisanal mouth-blowing process...the precision hand-painting... the one-of-a-kind stained-glass windows of Barcelona’s dazzling Sagrada Familia Basilica.

    Your guests will appreciate the details of our handcrafted decanter as much as you do, especially if they’re lovers of art, travel or history.

    Love how Sagrada glassware brings everyone to the table? Consider sharing the beauty of a Sagrada decanter; it makes the perfect gift!

    Give the Gift of Artisanal-Quality Glassware With the Meticulously Handcrafted Imperial Decanter

    When you give the gift of a Sagrada glass decanter, you give the gift of good taste.

    The act of gift-giving is an act of the heart: a personal expression of thoughtfulness and generosity.

    And that’s why it’s often challenging to find that perfect gift.

    Gifts that are not only functional but beautiful and one-of-a-kind are hard to come by.

    That’s what makes the gift of a Sagrada wine decanter so meaningful.

    Because our glassware is meticulously handcrafted by artisans, our decanters truly are museum-quality pieces of art.

    What better way to show someone you care than gifting something truly extraordinary?

    Our glassware makes a welcome gift for anyone on your list, especially those who value beauty, history, culture, travel, fine wine or the work of skilled artisans.

    You’re sure to delight family and friends with this unique gift from the heart—a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

    The gift of a Sagrada decanter is beautiful on the inside and outside with an elegant, upscale presentation worthy of any gift-giving occasion.

    You Can Judge This Book by Its Cover: Upscale Packaging Highlights the Beauty of the Sagrada Wine Decanter

    Take gift-giving to the next level with upscale packaging that showcases the beauty of the stunning Sagrada decanter.

    You’ve selected the perfect gift: the handcrafted beauty of the Sagrada wine decanter. Now, it’s time to present it in the best way possible.

    Our Sagrada decanter is thoughtfully packaged for protection... and for wow factor.

    We believe your gift’s presentation should be an expression of your fine taste and thoughtfulness—even before the gift is opened!

    That’s why we focus on each small detail of the first impression.

    More than a mere gift box, our packaging is like a treasure chest designed to safely cradle your gift and showcase the natural beauty of the glass.

    The elegant, sturdy exterior opens to reveal a posh, protective lining that cradles our decanter in luxury.

    This luxurious experience enhances your gift, making it truly memorable.

    Our elegant, upscale packaging cradles the decanter and lets gift recipients know something special awaits them.

    Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else, the Sagrada decanter gets rave reviews!

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  • Does this decanter come in a box ready for gift giving?

    Yes. Each decanter comes in a beautiful and elegant gift box designed to handle the precious cargo inside even when kicked or dropped (we spare no expenses to ensure a flawless delivery).

    Is this decanter LEAD FREE?

    Yes, it is. All of the Cornet Barcelona decanter are Lead FREE.

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    Are they dishwasher safe?

    No. Each decanter is carefully hand painted. Hand washing is highly recommended for continuous high quality and longevity.

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    Yes. You can put a personalized message on your package.

    Do you sell any other glassware?

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