'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glasses

Set of 1 GLASS

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Please Note: Our artists handcraft our art pieces one at a time. So quantities are truly limited and we tend to sell out fast. Once we’re sold out, it can take 6-12 months to receive newly crafted pieces. Order Now while supplies are still available.

    • Set Your Most Luxurious Table Ever With These Astonishing Masterpieces of Handcrafted Luxuryware and...

      Your Family, Friends and Honored Guests Will Hardly Believe Their Eyes or Taste Buds!

      From the Sunlit Desk of Albert Grimaldo
      Barcelona, Catalonia

      Dear Friend of La Familia,

      When the occasion your hosting calls for the finest of everything...

      And every detail matters...

      When the wine you’re pouring demands an extraordinary vessel...

      And you want every sip to taste even more delicious than the last...

      I proudly offer you a breakthrough in modern art glassware design:

      All NEW ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses!

      glassware or art

      From the delicate rim to the hand-painted, real gold designs, to the long slender neck, to the sturdy base...

      glassware or art

      Every line, shape and detail is the epitome of upscale luxury.

      And our world-class artists handcraft every facet of ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses with one goal in mind:

      An Easy Way For You to Create an Unforgettable, High-Class Experience

      Everyone will marvel at how the intricate, real gold patterns sparkle in the candlelight light.

      glassware or art

      Every hand-painted line and swirl reflects a sense of royal grandeur, significance, and abundance.

      And the way the reassuring shape feels in your hand communicates unsurpassed quality and astonishing attention to detail.

      It’s a masterpiece of handcrafted, heirloom-quality glass art, inspired by the Trinity mosaic of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona.

      glassware or art

      And a glowing tribute to Gaudi’s vision of celestial perfection.

      But these gorgeous works of handcrafted glassware are more than just stunning pieces of art glassware...

      The Special “Balloon-Shaped” Bowl Makes Make Fine Red Wine Taste Sublime

      Bold, wide curves give ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses an almost magical power to enhance the flavor and aroma of any fine red wine.

      glassware or art

      The gently oversized bowl lets your wine breathe so subtle nuances reach your palette.

      And the wide opening delivers beautiful aromas ‘on the nose’ for an extraordinary wine-sipping experience where every sip tastes more delicious than the last.

      Every ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glass is Individually Handcrafted With Expert Precision

      Our master artists bring ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses to life with expert precision.

      Starting with a single blob of lead-free glass, they craft the generous bowl and graceful neck using rare techniques passed down from ancient Rome.

      glassware or art

      Then, after the glass cools, skilled artisans use fine brushes to paint the sparkling genuine gold patterns.

      glassware or art

      From molten glass to heirloom-quality art, each piece takes several days to handcraft. It’s a slow meticulous process. And our artists can only make ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses in small batches.

      But the time and effort is worth it — because the final result on your table, in your cabinet and in your hand... is a glorious masterpiece of glass art to cherish for a lifetime.

      glassware or art

      This is why...

      ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses Make a Remarkable and Rare Gift

      For weddings, retirements, graduations, award ceremonies, honorary dinners or any meaningful celebration...

      ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses are sure to take their breath away.

      Imagine the moment they carefully open the lid of the gorgeous, luxury gift box...

      And see the handpainted gold patterns twinkling in the light...

      The astonished and delighted look in their eyes will tell you everything you need to know. It’s a memory you’ll share together for a lifetime.

      Order today – we’ll cradle your glasses in a satin-lined gift box and ship it worldwide to anyone or anywhere you request.

      glassware or art

      And as always, your order is fully protected by our Iron-Clad...

      100% Money-Back Guarantee

      You must feel 100% overjoyed by your 'Trinity ' Balloon Wine Glasses or we’ll promptly refund every penny of your investment.

      No questions.

      No hassles.

      If for any reason you are anything less than thrilled with your purchase, you may return your item(s) within 90 days. We'll issue a refund or replacement – your choice – and we'll even cover the shipping

      And for another nine months – one year total – you may return your glasses for any reason for a prompt, postage-paid replacement.

      Please note:

      Our artists create ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses in small-run batches.

      And I can’t say how long these will last.

      If you’d like to be one of the first and few people on the planet to own handcrafted ‘Trinity’ Balloon Wine Glasses, order now to avoid disappointment.

      Salud, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

      Founder, Cornet Barcelona

    • How Soon Would You Like Your Glassware Delivered?

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      You may choose from the following three options:

      · Standard 5—7 Day Delivery to any U.S. Address. Includes 100% Glassware-Safe Luxury Gift Box.

      · Expedited 2—5 Days Delivery to any U.S. Address. Includes 100% Glassware-Safe Luxury Gift Box. (Most popular!)

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      For Canadian Deliveries

      · International Standard 7—21 Day Delivery to any Canada Address. Includes 100% Glassware-Safe Luxury Gift Box.

      For total peace of mind, your investment is always protected by Cornet Barcelona’s exclusive...

      Iron-Clad, Double-Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

      You must feel overjoyed with your handcrafted glassware purchase or you may return your art pieces any time within 90 days for a full refund or a prompt replacement.

      No hassles.

      No worries.

      And we’ll cover the shipping costs.

      Plus — for an additional nine months (one year in total) you may return your piece(s) for any reason and receive a prompt replacement.

      And we’ll still cover the shipping.

      Offering you luxury-level service, making sure you're happy and treating you like family is our top priority. It’s our way of expressing deep gratitude for your purchase.

    • How many ounces will my 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass hold?

      Your handcrafted 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass holds 20.5 ounces. And we suggest filling it with 4 ounces of your favorite vintage.

      The generous “balloon-shaped” bowl gives your wine room to breathe so deeper flavors develop. And with every sip, the wide opening delivers the full spectrum of aromas ‘on the nose’.

      How tall is this 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass?

      From base to lip, the 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass is 8 inches tall.

      How wide is this 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass?

      At its widest point, the 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass is 4.2 inches.

      Please note: Since every piece is handcrafted individually, size and measurements may vary slightly.

      Is the 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass shipped in a protective box?

      Absolutely. The moment your order is processed, we’ll carefully nestle your glassware in an elegant, silken-lined luxury box.

      · The luxury box is made to keep your precious cargo 100% safe during transit.

      · And it’s so gorgeous, it also doubles as a breathtaking gift box – no fancy wrapping paper necessary.

      Do your artists use lead-free glass?

      Definitely. Every piece is handcrafted with lead-free glass.

      Is this 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass dishwasher safe?

      No, it is not dishwasher safe.

      Dishwashers can damage the stunning, hand-painted designs decorating your 'Trinity' Balloon Wine Glass. That’s why we highly recommend hand washing your art pieces to preserve their lustrous finish for years to come.

      Do you offer any form of guarantee?

      Yes! Your order is always protected by our Iron-Clad, Double-Satisfaction, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

      You must feel overjoyed with your handcrafted glassware purchase, or you may return your order any time within 90 days.

      You will then receive a full refund or a prompt replacement – whichever you prefer.

      And we’ll cover the shipping costs.

      Plus — for an additional nine months (one year in total) you may return your piece(s) for any reason and receive a prompt replacement.

      And we’ll still cover the shipping.

      Offering you this level of white-glove service is our way of saying “Thank you” for investing in Cornet Barcelona art pieces. And it’s our commitment to treating you like Familia.

      Are your prices listed in USD or CAD?

      Our prices are listed in USD (United States Dollar). This may be a source of confusion for our valued Canadian customers, given that the $ symbol is also used to represent CAD (Canadian Dollar). Unfortunately, due to technical limitations of our current platform, we're unable to display prices in CAD at this time. We appreciate your understanding and are always here to assist if you have any questions about currency conversion or pricing.

      Do you include an invoice in my order?

      Since our art pieces are often purchased as gifts, we don't include an invoice or receipt in the orders by default. However, for orders shipping outside the US, we are required to include an invoice for customs purposes.

      How can I contact you?

      Feel free to contact us anytime. Click “Contact Us” to receive prompt, friendly. white-glove service. >>Contact Us

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