This is our most beautiful wine glass (IMHO)

This is our most beautiful wine glass (IMHO)

Hi there,

As you know, we love all the glasses in the Sagrada collection.

However, we'd be lying if we told you that we didn't have a favorite. Because, the truth is, there is one piece that gets pride of place in our display cabinet.

This is the one work of art that we most love and cherish — along with the Sagrada Wine Decanter (which we told you about in a previous email).


For three reasons:

First, if you love drinking red wines — especially the bolder ones, like a Bordeaux, or a Burgundy, or a Rioja — there's simply no better glass. It has a large bowl with plenty of space above the fill line (i.e. the widest point), which means you can really swirl the wine around, without worrying about spilling it over your carpet, and fully appreciate the aromas and bouquet.

Second, because of its large size, the color on this piece of art is simply breathtaking. You know the effect we always celebrate — where you hold your Sagrada glassware to the sun and it bathes the table in glorious color?

Well, this piece takes that effect to a new level. It's simply mesmerizing, and, if you have guests with you, is guaranteed to stop the show.

Third, it's silhouette is undeniably sexy. If you take a look at the image below, you'll see what I mean. Its graceful curves walk the perfect line between classical elegance and unrestrained beauty.


Kimberly, who is one of our customers, said:

"I am feeling like a queen with my new beautiful wine glass — so spectacular! My daughter is so in love with this art work, I have to order for her now."

Beth wrote to tell us: "I love, love, love my glass!! It’s beautiful! Makes drinking wine so much more fun! My friends have wine glass envy!!"

Which piece are we talking about?

The  Sagrada Wine Goblet.

In my humble opinion, this piece is our most beautiful wine glass.

(It's also our biggest — just to let you know.)

Do you want to know what else I love about this work of art? Even if you're not a lover of red wine, this glass is so versatile, it's probably the one piece in the Sagrada collection that is mostly likely to become your "go-to" glass.

And it retails for just $27 per piece!

Considering that every individual glass is mouth-blown and painted by hand, and comes delivered in its own gift box, this represents incredible value.

So, if you have a dinner party coming up, a special birthday, or you just want to treat yourself, I recommend you click the link below and  secure a few of these while we still have some in stock. Because they will all go again.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!