Sagrada Stemless Wine Glass — a celebration of color

Sagrada Stemless Wine Glass — a celebration of color

Hi there,

No big announcement today.

We just wanted to share with you something beautiful.

A sentiment that we hear a  lot from our customers is that the photos on our website, particularly those of the  Sagrada Stemless Wine Glass, "don't come anywhere close to doing these works of art justice".

Because when you take a piece out of the box, hold it up to the light, and twist it slightly so that it sparkles, it takes on a new dimension of beauty.

It's something that simply cannot be shown on a computer screen.

That said, we just took some new photographs — and I think they come close to capturing that effect I just described. So we wanted to show one to you today.

What do you think?


 This is the  Sagrada Stemless Wine Glass, the "flagship" piece in our collection — and the one that is, by far, the most popular.

We have some in stock. At least, right now, we do.

And with Thanksgiving coming up, and Christmas too, now might be a great time to order a few for gifts.

Because they are the perfect size and value for giving to your friends and relatives, and they are always well received.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!