Sagrada shot glass — the epitome of savoir faire

Sagrada shot glass — the epitome of savoir faire

Hi there,

The ultimate mark of refinement?

Savoir faire.

When you can take any situation, any moment, and turn it into an expression of effortless elegance — without making a spectacle of it, or yourself.

For example, take drinking shots.

For many of us, when we close our eyes and think about drinking shots, we imagine loud, rowdy, and raucous crowds of young folks "partying".

However, there's nothing vulgar about drinking shots at all.

In fact, there's elegance in sharing a fine French or Italian vermouth before dinner with your dearest friends — provided you can keep it  savoir faire.


It's all about your choice of glassware.

Not many of our customers realize this, but our Sagrada glassware collection includes a fine shot glass. In fact, this piece might be our best-kept secret.

Our most discerning customers tell us they love this piece.


Their sheer beauty.

But I'm not only talking about the way they, like every piece in the Sagrada collection, glow in the light and bathe your table in the same glorious colors that Gaudi chose for the windows of his Sagrada Familia Basilica. I'm talking about how they  feel as you hold them.

 Because these shot glasses have an impressive and reassuring weight to them — a kind of special gravitas.

Here's what a few of our customers said about them:

"Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Nice, substantial weight to them. My husband didn't know I ordered them and he helped me unwrap them. He was was truly impressed. Beautifully crafted with a sculpted look that is eye-catching and pleasing. Will order more." — Califgypsy

"These shot glasses are masterpieces - beautiful beyond words." — India G.

"The shot glasses just arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are exquisite" — Nancy S.

As you know, many of the pieces in our Sagrada collection sell out quickly. This is because they're all mouth-blown and hand-painted, which means our artisans can only produce a limited number of these unique works of art.

The Sagrada Shot Glass is no exception.

We've been sold out for a while now. However, in a few days we're expecting a new shipment of Sagrada Shot Glasses — so I wanted to give you a fair opportunity to pre-order some before they inevitably sell out again.

If you pre-order them now, we'll be able to ship them to you as soon as they arrive, which we expect to be July 15th (i.e. in just a few days).

Click the link below to take a closer look at this piece.

There are some beautiful photographs, and dozens of reviews from other Sagrada customers who were blown away when they unpacked their pieces.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!