Sagrada Goblet + 12.5oz glasses — back in stock

Sagrada Goblet + 12.5oz glasses — back in stock

Hi there,

We have some more great news to share with you today.

In fact, two pieces of news.

We just received word, from our warehouse this morning, that both the Sagrada Wine Glass Goblet  and the  Sagrada 12.5oz Wine Glass are both available for purchase again.

(Over the last few weeks, we've received a lot of emails from customers asking if we'll have some more ready in time for Christmas. Thanks to the hard work of our artisans, we indeed do!)

Since you are a valued member of our global family of connoisseurs, we wanted to give you an advanced "heads up" before we start advertising them to the public. Especially since we know a lot of folks waited patiently.

If you'd like to acquire one or more pieces, simply click either of the links above, add them to your cart, and complete the checkout.

Guaranteed Christmas Delivery — USA

A few folks asked about this too. I can confirm: if you're ordering from the USA and complete your order  by this Thursday (i.e. December 13th) , we can guarantee that you will receive your new works of art in good time before Christmas Day. (If you're ordering from Canada, we  should be able to deliver most orders in time for Christmas, but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it 100%. Also, you'll need to complete your order today or tomorrow.)


* * *

Sagrada Wine Glass Goblet

As I mentioned in a previous email, this is the one piece in the Sagrada collection that always gets pride of place in my cabinet.


Three reasons:

First, its large bowl makes it ideal for really savoring some of the bolder and more full red wines, like a Bordeaux, or a Burgundy, or a Rioja. (You can swirl the wine around and properly appreciate its aromas and bouquet.)

Second, because of its large size, the color on this piece of art is simply breathtaking. You know the effect we always celebrate — where you hold your Sagrada glassware to the sun and it bathes the table in glorious color? Well, this piece takes that effect to a new level. It's simply mesmerizing, and, if you have guests with you, is guaranteed to stop the show.

Third, its silhouette is undeniably sexy. If you take a look at the image below, you'll see what I mean. Its graceful curves walk the perfect line between classical elegance and unrestrained beauty.

Kimberly, who is one of our customers, said:

"I am feeling like a queen with my new beautiful wine glass — so spectacular! My daughter is so in love with this art work, I have to order for her now."

Beth wrote to tell us: "I love, love, love my glass!! It’s beautiful! Makes drinking wine so much more fun! My friends have wine glass envy!!"

As I said before, this piece is probably our most beautiful wine glass.

(It's also our biggest — just to let you know.)

Do you want to know what else I love about this work of art? Even if you're not a lover of red wine, this glass is so versatile, it's probably the one piece in the Sagrada collection that is mostly likely to become your "go-to" glass.

So, if you'd like to add this to your luxury glassware collection — or if you know someone who LOVES wine, and you still need to find a Christmas gift for them — click the button below and  acquire a few pieces today.

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* * *

Sagrada 12.5oz Wine Glass

For those who love white wines, we also make a smaller, more elegant glass: the Sagrada 12.5oz Wine Glass, AKA the Sagrada White Wine Glass.

It's the perfect complement to the Sagrada Wine Goblet.

Here's what it looks like:

It's longer than most other wine glasses, less weighty at the top, and it has a much smaller bowl. So it's not the kind of glass you'd use to swirl around a Bordeaux or a Burgundy. However, it is  ideal for white wine.


Because the longer stem keeps the bowl, and the wine inside it, well away from your hands, which helps it stay cooler for longer. The smaller bowl also means that less of the wine is in contact with the air too.

Also — and this is more subjective — we feel that this wine glass has a gentler, more graceful aesthetic. It looks as if it took more work to craft.

Catherine, one of our customers, put it this way:

"Every evening when I have the time to sit quietly and think about my day; I reach for my beautiful Sagrada wine glass."

"It is so light in my hand and I think about a master blowing it into its beautiful shape. The colors glow in the lamplight and then I add to all this beauty a cup of white wine and relax finally this day."

Now that we have more of these in stock, you might want to click the button below and  add a few to your collection. (Especially if you love white wine!)

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Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!