Sagrada glassware — true works of art?

Sagrada glassware — true works of art?

Hi there,

The word "craftsmanship" is used too liberally these days.

At least in our humble opinion.

For better or for worse, it seems that almost everything is marketed as "handmade" (even if those hands operate a machine), or "crafted" (even if it's crafted by a robot), or "artisanal" (even if it doesn't require skill to make).

As you know, we present our collection of luxury glassware as works of art, inspired by the stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia.

Every piece really is crafted completely by hand, by a skilled artisan who went through an apprenticeship of at least ten years. (That's how long it takes to get good at blowing glass, using nothing but the breath in your lungs, the keenness of your eyes, and the steadiness of your own hands.)

Now, it's one thing for us to tell you all this.

However, it's another thing for you to get an honest verdict from real-life customers of ours — people like you who read an email from me, saw some photographs of our work, and decided to put their faith in our marketing.

Would you like to know how  they described their new glassware?

Cindy said:

Pictures do not do them justice. They are so beautiful I am afraid to use them. I just want to gaze at how stunning they are.

Celinda wrote:

These  balloon wine glasses had been out of stock for so long and I was so glad to learn they were back in stock. I ordered these beautiful glasses for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. My son, having traveled to Barcelona on business and having had the opportunity to visit the Sagrada Familia structure will appreciate these beautiful hand blown colorful glasses. I also ordered the decanter! So breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you!

Paula said:

These  goblets are stunning! I purchased 8 of them for my SO for Christmas and he was so happy he bought 4 more plus a  decanter PLUS 8 stemless wine glasses and 8 shot glasses! All of them are beautiful individual pieces of art. The goblets are very large and add drama to dinner parties!

Linda, a pastor, told us:

These glasses are the most incredible pieces I have ever seen. These are a Christmas present for my husband and I know he will love to entrain and show off these master pieces Of blown glass Art. I just love them and As we go I look forward to adding to my collection. Thank you so much. We wish all of you A Blessed Merry Christmas.
May Peace Be with You.

Don, one of our more demanding customers, said:

I've always been enamored with fine glassware and these products meet my admittedly high standards. They are very distinctive and beautiful. They are costly but worth the price. I look forward to using them for those who appreciate them as much as I do.

Dawn, a lady who likes to get straight to the point, remarked:

Simply beautiful!

Richard said:

Stunning craftsmanship. Quick delivery. Sending as gifts for special people in my life now

We could keep sharing these all day. Because nothing makes me, and the rest of the team here at Cornet Barcelona, happier than to read our customers' messages and know they are thrilled with their investments.

However, we think you get the point.

Sagrada glassware is the genuine article. (And if you still need convincing, you can take a look at the  reviews section of our website, because it contains several thousand raw and unedited reviews from other customers.)

There's just one downside to all this:

For the very reason that our works of art  are crafted by skilled artisans whose skills are rare, our stocks are almost never as high as we'd like.

At the moment, we have some of the following:

If you'd like to acquire any of these pieces, click the button below to browse through our collection (or the links above to order them directly).

Those 7,220 who reviewed our glassware can't be wrong!

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!