Sagrada glassware — the ideal go-to gift

Sagrada glassware — the ideal go-to gift

Hi there,

A while back, we received an interesting review from a skeptical customer.

Let's call her "Mrs. A".

Here it is:

<< I normally only write a review if I'm very disappointed in a product. But today is the exception.

I was blown away by how nice these glasses are.

For the price I thought they might be on the cheap side, but I needed a gift quick, so I took a risk.

These glasses are so nice, I wish I had bought them for myself! (not too late for that).

This is now going to be my go to gift for many occasions where you just don't know what to buy someone.

They're unique, classy, and simply beautiful.

I showed my mother who is also shopping for a wedding gift, and she immediately purchased two plus the decanter! This is a great buy, you won't be disappointed. >>

Mrs. A isn't the first customer to say this.

In fact, hundreds of our customers have now made Sagrada glassware their "go-to" gift for weddings, anniversaries, house warming parties, christenings, birthdays, Christmas, or any other celebration.


Because finding a thoughtful gift for that special someone who already has everything is  not easy — especially if you want to give them something truly special and unique that they will use and treasure for many years.

So,  if you're ever stuck for ideas, give Sagrada glassware.

We ship every piece of art in its own beautiful, elegant gift box (which you can see in the image at the top of this email). What's more, if you let us know at the checkout, we can put a personalized gift message on the package.

Your friend or loved one will be delighted with their glassware. (And, chances are, it's going to be the talk of the party when they show it off!)

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!