Sagrada brandy glass — timeless sophistication

Sagrada brandy glass — timeless sophistication

Hi there,

Imagine this:

It's a crisp November evening, and you have several of your friends over for dinner. Two other couples. They're around the same age as you.

Although you've all been good friends for a long time, you now live in different cities — so it has been almost four years since you last got together like this.

And a lot has happened in those four years!

Steve and Linda's daughter moved to New York, and she's now engaged to an investment banker. (It seems like just last week when she was chasing your dog across the lawn — but she's a grown woman now!)

Barbara and Mark had just launched a new business the last time you were all together. It's been a tough few years, but the business really took off.

By the way...

It's been more than an hour since you finished dessert. But everyone's having such a great time catching up, you didn't notice until now.

So, you make a suggestion:

"Why don't we all retire to the living room — and continue these stories while we sip brandy and cognac in front of the fireplace?"

"Don't worry! We'll take care of the dishes in the morning."

As your husband opens the liquor cabinet and pulls out a bottle of old Hennessy that you've been saving for just such an occasion, you dim the lamps, put on some soft piano music, and fetch the glassware.

Because inside your glassware cabinet, along with your Sagrada wine glasses, wine decanter, and water pitchers, you also have  a set of Sagrada Brandy Glasses — which are  perfect for moments like this.

After all, moments like this are becoming too rare.

How often do we get the opportunity to spend a relaxed evening with our dearest friends — away from the cares of the world, away from televisions, smartphones, social media, and other pressures and distractions?

How often do we get a chance to stay up until the small hours of the night, reminiscing about the past and sharing our hopes and dreams?

In the old days, this was how people lived.

They didn't have the internet, or smartphones, or social media to "connect" them — but they had each other and they made time to share stories.

For us, this is what the  Sagrada Brandy Glass represents.

When I take my brandy glass out my cabinet and hand it to a friend, it brings me back to a time when being friends with someone meant more than just liking their photos on Facebook or sending them snapchat messages.

And it makes me want to hold onto some of our more old-fashioned customs, and make sure that — in the age of "connectivity" — they don't get lost.

As one of our customers ("Lady D") says:

"Everyone needs at least two brandy glasses in their collection!"

We completely agree with her.

On that note...

We're about to receive a delivery of new  Sagrada Brandy Glasses from the artisans in our workshops. (We've been out of stock for quite some time now.)

This piece is  one of the most beautiful works of art in our collection, though for various reasons, we can only produce a  very limited quantity. So, if you'd like to add this piece to your own Sagrada collection, I recommend you click the button below and pre-order some now — before they sell out again.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!