Sagrada Balloon — NOW AVAILABLE (while stocks last)

Sagrada Balloon — NOW AVAILABLE (while stocks last)

Hi there,

That shipment of new  Sagrada Wine Glass Balloons that we've been waiting for has finally arrived from the workshops.

(In case you missed my earlier email, or you’re new around here, the Sagrada Wine Glass Balloon is one of our most coveted pieces. However, it's been out of stock for a few months — and our artisans have been working around the clock to create some more in time for the Christmas season.)

As promised, to thank you for reading my emails and being a valued connoisseur of our Sagrada collection of luxury glassware, I'm giving you a special opportunity to secure some of these pieces before we advertise them to the public. (We literally just updated the website minutes ago. You and other readers of this newsletter are the first to know about this.)

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The  Sagrada Wine Glass Balloon is one of our boldest and most extravagant wine glasses — made specifically for enjoying the finest red wines.

The size and shape of the bowl has been designed to give complex red wines the air and space they need for their aroma and bouquet to open properly.

It also has a gorgeous silhouette. Just take a look at this photo:

Would you like to hear how our customers feel about this piece?

J.O. told us:

I bought 2 of these glasses for my granddaughter's wedding for a gift to remember her special occasion; I was blown away by the artistic painting of these glasses and now am considering buying 2 more to share with myself and my BF from grade school of 61 years who lives in another state and we both love wine! Just can't decide which one. This is an item you won't find everyone having to enjoy their wine Also the shipping was fast and excellent!!!!!

And Dianna said:

Love the vibrant colors and how they shine when held up to the window. They are more beautiful in color than I had expected. Would highly recommend. Am giving part of my order for a 40th birthday present. Am anxious to see what this wine expert will think of them.

Eleanor told us:

Even more beautiful in person. I opened one box and was thrilled with what I saw. Your help was invaluable. I am so pleased with my purchase for my sons birthday. I am sure they will be thrilled.

And G.B. wrote in to say:

The wine glasses are gorgeous. The wife loves them. They are really a work of art. Can't wait to use them. The neighbor saw them and fell in love with them. Going to order a couple the stemless wine glasses for her for Christmas.

Remember, the  Sagrada Wine Glass Balloon has been out of stock for a while now — and we're expecting this new shipment to sell out quickly.


Because, over the last few weeks, we've received emails from other customers practically begging us to take their money and put them on a waiting list for some of these works of art (which we couldn't do).

So, if you'd like to give any of these Sagrada Wine Glass Balloons as gifts for Christmas — or if you'd like them on your table over the Holidays — then I'd urge you to put in your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!