Sagrada 12.5oz — the perfect glass for white wine?

Sagrada 12.5oz — the perfect glass for white wine?

Hi there,

Are you familiar with our  Sagrada 12.5oz wine glass?

Out of all the pieces in the Sagrada Collection, this glass is the one that is most ideal for white wines — for reasons we'll explain in a moment, below.

It's also a tall, fine, elegant, and sophisticated glass, with gentle curves that strike the perfect balance between beauty and grace.

The kind of wine glass that can make a statement without shouting.


Do you see what we mean?

It's longer than most other wine glasses, less weighty at the top, and it has a much smaller bowl. This is what makes it  ideal for white wine or rosé.


Because the longer stem keeps the bowl, and the wine inside it, well away from your hands, which helps it stay cooler for longer. The smaller bowl also means that less of the wine is in contact with the air too.

All in all, this is probably the one glass you will want to take out of your cabinet at the end of a long day — for savoring your favorite white or rosé.

Catherine, a customer of ours, put it best:

Every evening, when I have the time to sit quietly and think about my day, I reach for my beautiful Sagrada wine glass. It is so light in my hand and I think about a master blowing it into its beautiful shape.

The colors glow in the lamplight. Then I add to all this beauty a cup of white wine and finally relax for the day.

Another customer, Glenn, said:

These are a work of art that pictures can’t capture.
Such beautiful pieces!!

Kameel adds:

Exquisite! As if drinking wine were not enjoyment in itself, to hold a work of art and heart makes the experience priceless. Wonderful for either reds or whites. Truly beautiful. You won’t stop looking at them as you sip. Do not hesitate to use for every day and not just company. Well worth the cost. Will continue to add to my collection. Outstanding. A+++

Anyway, I'm pleased to tell you than we currently have plenty of the Sagrada 12.5oz Wine Glass in stock. This isn't always the case — so, if you would like to add this exquisite piece to your collection, now might be a great time.

As always, your investment is covered by our double-satisfaction guarantee.

When you take your new works of art out their boxes and hold them up to the light and inspect them — if you're not 100% blown away by their beauty and elegance, we'll replace them or issue a cheerful refund.

So, you can  order your glasses with confidence and peace of mind.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!