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Non-alcoholic wine — 3 essential tips

March 19, 2019

Non-alcoholic wine — 3 essential tips

 Hi there,

Maybe there's something in the water — but a lot of folks have been asking us about non-alcoholic wine over the last few weeks.

As you know, we LOVE wine here at Cornet Barcelona. However, what you might  not realize is that we often drink non-alcoholic wine too.


Well, firstly, non-alcoholic wine contains just one-third of the calories of regular wine. Also, though, it doesn't leave you with the same "side effects" (i.e. a headache and a hangover) if you drink too much! What's more, if you need to drive later, you don't have to worry about being over the legal limit.

So, with that in mind, here are our three top tips:

   1. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

    Although we'll be the first to admit that non-alcoholic wine doesn't have the same depth and complexity as "normal" wine (for reasons I'll get to in a moment), a good bottle still tastes fantastic.

    We have to accept that alcohol is a big part of what makes all the various flavors and sensations of regular wine work so well together. You're never going to be able to replicate the same effect without alcohol. So don't expect non-alcoholic wine to taste the same.

    Non-alcoholic wine is a completely different experience.

    In and of itself — judged as its own drink — sipping a few glasses out in the sun is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


       2. Choose cold filtered wine over distilled wine.

    There are two main ways of producing non-alcoholic wine. In both cases, regular wine is first produced and the alcohol removed later.

    (FYI: Non-alcoholic wine actually has a tiny alcohol content of 0.5%. However, many natural juices, including OJ, have the same level.)

    When the alcohol is removed through distillation, the wine has to be heated up to a considerable temperature. This dramatically and irreversibly changes its taste — and not for the better.

    However, the "cold filtration" method removes the alcohol without damaging the natural goodness of the wine. It's still not perfect, but the final product tastes much better than when it is distilled.


       3. Serve non-alcoholic wine in a beautiful decanter.

    When we serve non-alcoholic wines to our guests, we always serve it to them in a  Sagrada Wine Decanter. Why? Because when you're the only one at the dinner table not drinking "normal" wine, it can sometimes feel like you're missing out. So this is just one of those small touches that lets non-drinkers join the fun and feel more comfortable.

    Also, as "woo woo" as this might sound, we find it just tastes better!

    If you don't yet have a Sagrada Wine Decanter, you should seriously consider adding a few to your collection.


    We hope these three tips are helpful. If you decide to give non-alcoholic wine a try, please write us and tell us what you think. We suspect you'll love it.


    Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!