"Made with love and it shows"

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Are you familiar with the  Sagrada Whiskey Decanter?

For some reason, I don't talk about this work of art as often as it probably deserves. However, it's one of the most stunning pieces in our collection.

Especially if you (or a loved one) are connoisseur of fine whiskey.


As one of our customers put it (her review is below), whiskey just looks more elegant when it is presented in a decanter. It's the way our grandparents used to store fine spirits, back in the olden days before mass consumerism.

What's more, there is something dignified about offering a glass of whiskey to a friend, and then bringing it out in a decanter. It has mystery, suspense.

Here's what I mean:


Just like all the pieces in the Sagrada luxury glassware collection, this exemplar of master craftsmanship is mouth-blown by our glassmiths and hand-painted by skilled artists. They pour their soul into their work.

And it shows. Because look at some of the reviews we received from customers who invested in this piece over the last few months.

Taylor told us:

both  this decanter and the set of 4 wine glasses I purchased from you are STUNNING. Great craftsmanship, I get great comments from discerning friends.

Davida posted this honest critique on our website:

The  Whiskey decanter is absolutely beautiful. Handblown as described. arrived safe without a scratch. I was surprised that it was so small. For some reason, I was expecting it to be a bigger size. I do love it & I got it for my husband. It was rough on the edges but that is to be expected on hand made pieces. It was made with love and it shows. Thank you so much! We will love it forever! It is a one of a kind piece! Very unique!

Martha wrote:

Another beautiful Sagrada glass product to add to my collection.  Whiskey looks so elegant in the decanter. Friends ask how do the artisans do it and I have shared the booklets with several. Using these beautiful glasses (I have 12.5 wine and stemless wine glasses as well) just brings back such memories of the peace and beauty we saw in our visit to Barcelona and the Sagrada.

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Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

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