How to enjoy red wine without getting a headache

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Hi there, 

If you'd like to enjoy a glass or two of delicious red wine without having to endure the inevitable migraine afterward, then today's post is for you.

Because we know this is something a lot of our customers suffer.

Especially women.

In fact, as my mom and aunt started to approach their golden years, red wine started giving both of them a terrible headache too. So I'm going to share a simple "tip" with you that helped them enjoy red wine again.

First, a quick caveat:

I'm no wine expert by any stretch of the imagination. Since I know that many of our customers are sommeliers and wine connoisseurs, feel free to reply in this post if you have something to add. Because I'd love to share it.

Anyway, here's that tip I shared with my mom and aunt:

A lot of the time, these headaches you experience after drinking (even just a small amount) of red wine comes from the sulfites that are added.

Now, to be sure, a small amount of sulfite is fine, since it's a natural and harmless byproduct of the fermentation process. However, a lot of produces (especially of mainstream wines) add a significant amount of  extra sulfites, simply because it gives their wine a longer shelf life.

This is great for them — but not so great for you.

Thankfully, there are plenty of organic wines out there that do NOT contain more than a trace amount of sulfite. (Google "sulfite-free wine" or, if you buy your wine from the store, look for the organic wine section.)

I hope this helps.

And, more importantly, I hope it allows you to enjoy a pleasant glass (or two) of red wine in the evening — just in like days gone by!

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!


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