How Sagrada Glassware Is Made

How Sagrada Glassware Is Made

Hi there,

Folks often ask us how Sagrada glassware is made.

So, today — since it's Friday — we thought we'd open the doors to our workshop, so to speak, introduce you to our artisans, and show you how they work.

Every morning, as the sun is rising over the Mediterranean, our glassmiths come into work and continue a tradition that predates the birth of Jesus.

You see, the particular form of glass blowing we use dates all the way back to the days of the Roman Republic, more than two thousand years ago.

How is it done?

First, a glob of raw glass is heated to temperatures of around 1,800°F — at which point, it glows a brilliant orange. The glob is then put onto the end of a blowpipe, and an artisan will then blow the glob into the form of a glass, while keeping a careful eye on it, rotating it as needed, and guiding its shape.

As you can imagine, this is a  highly skilled art form.

It can take many years for a glassmith to learn and master this glass blowing process. It is ancient craft, and it requires a certain amount of innate talent that simply can't be taught.

After the glass has been shaped, it is then placed inside a special furnace, so that it can cool down in a controlled manner — which not only protects the strength and integrity of the glass, but also contributes to its sparkle.

When the hand blown glass has cooled, it is passed to a master artist.

She has a palette of colors, which we carefully selected after many hours of studying the stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica.

These paints are delicately applied to the exterior of the glass — one layer at a time — transforming each glass into a symphony of color and splendor.

We follow this same meticulous process for every piece we craft.

Do you want to know what that means?

Two things:

First, every piece of glassware in the Sagrada collection is precious and unique. Unlike the glassware you might buy in a department store, Sagrada glassware is not a mass product made in a factory. It's a work of art, it's hand blown glassware created with love by skilled artisans who take pride in what their hands produce.

Second, there's a strict limit on the number of pieces our artisans can create. And that's simply because crafting our hand blown wine glasses, be it our hand blown stemless wine glasses or any of our hand blown stemware, is highly delicate and time-consuming.

Since we first started advertising on Facebook a few years ago, our family of customers around the world has grown exponentially. Every year that passes, more and more people covet our artisans' work — and wish to own it in their home. However, we can only produce so many pieces each month.

So, cherish your works of art. Because each piece is a treasure.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!


As always, we invite you to  browse through the Sagrada glassware collection and take a look at some of the reviews from our customers.

Remember — every piece is covered by our 90-day quality guarantee. When you take your artwork out the box and hold it up to the light, if it does not take your breath away, we'll offer you a cheerful replacement or a full refund. No questions asked. Because we stand by our work 100%.