Cornet Barcelona — what's in a name?

Cornet Barcelona — what's in a name?

Hi there ,

Some of our discerning customers often ask us:

“What’s the story behind your name — Cornet Barcelona?”

We love answering this question.

Because there's an important meaning behind the name we chose to represent our brand, though it's not always easy to communicate.

Let us explain...

On one level, the name Cornet Barcelona pays tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship of Antoni Gaudi i Cornet — the architect of the famous Sagrada Familia Basilica here in Barcelona. Like each of his peerless buildings, every hand-painted glass we create is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

However, our name is far more than just a tribute to Gaudi's name and his exquisite work. On a deeper level, we’re honoring Gaudi's  vision.

More than anything else, Gaudi was inspired by nature.

You see, as a boy, Gaudi was quite a sickly child. In fact, he was too ill to play outside like all the other children his age. So his mother — Antònia Cornet i Bertran, who dedicated herself to caring for him — saw to it that his bed was next to a large window, so he could at least look out to the gardens.

In a sense, Gaudi's love for nature, which is the main inspiration behind all his work, came about from his mother's love. If it wasn't for the years he spent as a child, looking out at nature because he was too sick to go outside, or the ceaseless love of his mother, we wouldn't have the Sagrada Familia.

Anyway, one of the things Gaudi noticed about nature, from an early age, is that none of mother nature's creations are ever "uniform".

If you walk through the forest on a beautiful summer day, you'll see that no tree stands perfectly straight. Look closely, and its branches appear crooked, twisted, contorted, and they spread off in disparate directions. But step back, and you'll see that the forest itself is impeccable.

For Gaudi, this seeming paradox was a form of perfection.

He loved how each of nature's creations has “flaws” when viewed individually, yet achieves perfection when it is part of something bigger.

We, at Cornet Barcelona, share this aesthetic.

And this is why, for our Sagrada glassware collection, we found our inspiration in the stained-glass windows of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Basilica.

Because each of the Basilica’s windows is a unique work of art. Nothing is uniform. Each tells its own story, yet exists as part of a cohesive family.

In the same way, take a dozen or so Sagrada glasses, and you'll notice that no two pieces are identical.

Like the stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia, each piece of hand-painted, hand-blown Sagrada glassware contains small, but beautiful "imperfections".

Bring them together as a collection, though, and they combine to reflect nature’s perfection in a way that mass-produced, uniform glassware will never match.

As one of our happy customers put it:

"I love that each glass is unique. They are definitely a work of art."
– Krista P.

As always, we invite you to  browse through the Sagrada glassware collection and see the unique beauty of each glass for yourself.

Every piece is a rare work of art and a masterpiece of extraordinary craftsmanship that exists as part of a perfect collection.

As you know, every piece is made by the hands of several skilled artisans who are masters of the ancient art of glass blowing and painting. This means we often run out of stock. So if you see a piece that you love, we strongly recommend you add it to your collection today while it's still available.