Barcelona's oldest Christmas tradition

Barcelona's oldest Christmas tradition

Hi there,

A friend once told me something that's only too true:

"You can take a person away from Barcelona, but you can never take Barcelona away from their heart. It's a true love story that never ends!"

If you're like most folks in our global family of customers, you've probably visited Barcelona. Maybe several times. So, I thought you might like to hear about one of our favorite, and perhaps oldest, Christmas traditions.

It's something we've done every year since 1786.

I'm talking, of course, about the  Fira de Santa Llúcia — our traditional Christmas market — which you'll find in the famous Gothic Quarter.

Why do we love this market so much?

Well, with 285 stands (this year), it's one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. Yet, not many people outside of Catalonia know about it either.

So, I guess you could say it's one of our best-kept secrets.

Almost all the vendors sell beautiful, authentic hand-crafted products. (The type of fine and unique creations that an owner of  Sagrada luxury glassware would really appreciate.) Because of this, the Fira de Santa Llúcia tends to have an authentic, traditional Christmas spirit — the kind of vibe that used to be common in Europe, before mass consumerism came along.

Anyway, this market runs from late November every year until December 23rd. If you're across the pond — this Christmas, or maybe next — I definitely recommend you check it out. (Just make sure you book a hotel in central Barcelona. That way, you can enjoy everything our city has to offer!)

I hope you're looking forward to a great Christmas this year.

Next week, on Christmas Eve, I'm going to share with you another one our traditions. It's something we all used to love as kids. So, stay tuned.

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!