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3 glasses for the impeccable dinner party

March 19, 2019

3 glasses for the impeccable dinner party

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful time over the Holidays. We sure did, here in the Grimaldo household, and I can't believe we're already more than a week into January 2019. It seems crazy sometimes, doesn't it? How time flies!

Talking of January, here's an interesting fact a lot of folks don't know.

The name January comes from that Latin word  ianua, which means "door". But it's also named after Janus, the god with two faces who symbolizes new beginnings, transition, and learning from mistakes. One of his faces looks toward the past and experience; the other toward the future and hope.

As we're crossing the threshold into a new year and a fresh start, now is an excellent time to look back on 2018 — the good times and the challenging times — and think about what we might do differently in 2019.

For my part, I'd like to throw more dinner parties.

That's one of my New Year's resolutions: to carve out time, every month at least, no matter how busy I am, to get together with friends old and new.

When I eat my twelve grapes at the end of the year, I'd like to close my eyes, look back, and treasure the new memories we created together.

Because, when all is said and done, that's what life is about, right?

Maybe you plan on hosting more dinner parties this year as well. If so, this email is for you, especially if your glassware collection is due an upgrade.

Because I want to draw your attention to three specific pieces from the Sagrada collection of Gaudi-inspired luxury glassware.

Whenever we're hosting guests in the Grimaldo household, these three are my "go-to" pieces that I always bring out, for almost every occasion.

In my opinion, they are the three glasses that, as a minimum, every cultivated lady or gentleman should keep in their cabinet. Why? Becase they will bring elegance and refinement to every dinner party you host in the year ahead

Please Note: As with every piece in the Sagrada collection, each of these pieces is hand-blown and hand-painted by our craftsmen and craftswomen. This means stocks are often low. If you have a celebration or dinner party coming up, we would urge you not to wait around too long, lest you return later and find that we are all out.

Sagrada Wine Glass Goblet — for Red Wines
Paula, one of our customers, recently posted this review on our website: "These goblets are stunning! I purchased 8 of them for my SO for Christmas and he was so happy he bought 4 more plus a decanter PLUS 8 stemless wine glasses and 8 shot glasses! All of them are beautiful individual pieces of art. The goblets are very large and add drama to dinner parties!"

View the Sagrada Wine Glass Goblet »


Sagrada 12.5oz Wine Glass — for White Wines
This piece is the smaller, more elegant "sister" to the Sagrada Wine Glass Goblet. Its smaller bowl and longer stem make it ideal for softer white wines, which you want to keep further away from your hands and closer to your nose (in order to be able to fully discern and appreciate their beauty). Also, it's nice to be able to give your guests a new wine glass after their appetizer.

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Sagrada Wine Decanter
Nothing better symbolizes sharing and coming together than opening a precious bottle of fine wine and pouring it into a decanter for everyone around the table to enjoy. My advice: acquire at least two of these, so that you can open a couple of different reds and transform your dinner party into an impromptu wine tasting session with friends.

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