2 Sagrada pieces that belong on EVERY table (IMHO)

2 Sagrada pieces that belong on EVERY table (IMHO)

Hi there,

More great news for you this morning.

Santa dropped by our warehouse last night — 4 days early, no less! — and left behind some new stock of two of our most coveted pieces.

The  Sagrada Wine Decanter and the  Sagrada Whiskey Decanter.

Two "statement" pieces that are truly exquisite works of art. In my humble opinion, they belong on the dinner table of every cultured family.

Especially with Christmas now less than a week away.


Because most of our customers take great pleasure in hosting their dearest friends and family for dinner. Not only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and other occasions when it's easier to bring folks people together. At these kinds of dinners, nothing says "sharing" like an open decanter on the table — especially if it starts conversations as well!

So, you'll be glad to have these on your table when your friends and family come over. (Congratulations to all the folks who already own a few pieces!)

The  Sagrada Wine Decanter and  Sagrada Whiskey Decanter always make an impact. And when people ask, you can tell the story behind them: how they are inspired by the stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica, in Barcelona, and how each piece captures their splendor.

Anyway, if you would like to order a few of these pieces, click the product links above, add them to your cart, and then complete the checkout.

(Or, if you want to learn more about them, scroll down!)

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Sagrada Wine Decanter

As I explained in a previous email, out of all of the pieces in the collection, this one is probably my favorite. Whenever I have friends or family over, this decanter always come out, especially if I want to make an impression.


Three reasons:

First, its shape is perfect for aerating more complex wines and opening up the aromas and flavors. (Frankly, I wouldn't drink a red without a decanter.)

Second — and this is personal — but I think it's just more tasteful to offer your guests wine in a decanter, rather than leave the bottle on the table. (As an added plus, it's sometimes fun to have guests taste and comment on your wine "blindly". This is a great conversation starter!)

Third, this decanter looks stunning, especially when you're seated outside on a bright day. I love the way the sun shines through this decanter and bathes my table in the same colors as the Sagrada Familia Basilica's windows.

Take a look for yourself:

Cornet Barcelona Wine Decanter

Leslie, another one of our customers, said:

"I purchased this for a wedding gift for my nephew and his wife. Beautiful decanter, exquisitely made. The colors are fabulous, and perfect match to the wine glasses they received for Christmas. So pleased with Cornet Barcelona that I have finally purchased a pitcher for me! Never an issue with package or shipping. Highly recommend these pieces of art!"

Shirley wrote to tell us: "The glasses are beautiful and the decanter even more beautiful! Will make someone very special to me extremely happy when she opens them Christmas! Very tastefully done!"

So, like I said, we've just received a "special delivery" of these pieces from Santa. And they're no doubt going to make a lot of people happy.

If you want to add this piece to your collection, I recommend you  click the button and order one or two now. (It only takes about 60 seconds.)

Order Your Sagrada Wine Decanter »

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Sagrada Whiskey Decanter

If you're a connoisseur of fine spirits or even just a casual lover, I cannot recommend the Sagrada Whiskey Decanter enough.

Just like every piece in the Sagrada luxury glassware collection, this exemplar of master craftsmanship is mouth-blown by our glassmiths and hand-painted by skilled artists. They take enormous pride in their work.

Looking at the image below, you can see why:


Cornet Barcelona Whiskey Decanter

Here is what a few of our customers wrote in to tell us, often just a few minutes after taking their Sagrada Whiskey Decanter out its box:

"The decanter is my fourth purchase of glassworks from this vendor, and no photo or testimonial can do proper justice to the enduring beauty and classic delicacy of the Sagrada. OUTSTANDING!!!"

"Not only a great decanter, but it is also a beautiful work of art. Lots of compliments on the inside and outside of this great decanter!"

"Amazing piece, I wasn’t expecting such high quality considering the price, much less such a unique and tasteful decanter. I was shocked when I received an email prior to my package arriving. The email told of the artist’s inspirations and how four artists handcrafted it. I love having such unique beautiful pieces too throughout my house and this one is already turning heads. Would be a great gift, package is great quality as well."

Because of the extraordinary amount of work that is required to craft a piece like this, we, unfortunately, don't produce as many of these as we'd like.

So, if you'd like to add a Sagrada Whiskey Decanter to your home bar or dining room cabinet, please don't wait around. Click the button below and order one while we still have some in stock. You'll be glad you did!

Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!